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Video Game Design, Direction & Development

About us

We're a mexican indie game development studio created in 2016, and although we are realtively new, our team possess plenty experience in video games, so we know exactly how to create a fun, aestetic and transcendent game!

We love to invest all our creativity, time and brains on every one of our projects by taking advantage of our expertises in graphics, design, coding, sounds and music. Our main goal is that you enjoy every minute and detail of our home-made games.

The Dream Team

Jorge García (pogo8bit)

Founder, Direction, Managment, Coding, SFX and Music

Héctor Es Bien Naco

Backgrounds, Pixel Art & Movement Animation

Josué Grotesco

HUD, Pixel Art & Detail/Particles Animation

Choose your game

We are currently working on our first game, we hope you like it as much as the fun we are having while developing it.
We will be uploading more information soon.

We love to hear from you